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They call me the rocker’s princess, some even call me the dance prodigy, but none of them knows the real Mia Armstrong.

Now that dancing is no longer my future, I don’t know either.

All I want is the opportunity to find out, to have some time to try being just a little normal.

To discover who this new girl is.

I fought for the chance to go to college on my own.

Without the guards overshadowing my shot at a real college experience, drawing unwanted attention and making it impossible to learn new things about myself.

My goal was to get my degree and start my own dance school.

Barrick wasn’t part of that goal, but suddenly, he was everywhere—and I was so damn tempted.

His arms felt so good wrapped around me, making me feel safer than I’d ever felt in my life.

But Barrick had more secrets than I could ever hope to uncover.

And one just might break me completely.


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